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Top 8 Reasons Why You Need A Website


Yes! And I already have a phone!
Every year, Apple comes out with a new iPhone. Technology is rapidly evolving. By the time most technologies come out to the general market, they are already obsolete.
This isn’t just cell phones, but in websites, too.
1. SEARCH ENGINE ALGORITHMS: What once was loved by Google now has you showing up on Page 2 or worse. If you’re not on Page 1 of Google, then you don’t REALLY have a website. Even if you have the prettiest website, it doesn’t matter if nobody can find it.
2. GOING MOBILE: More than 75% of Americans spend more time on their cell phone than on their desktop. If your website was built even last year, chances are it doesn’t look good on a mobile phone or tablet.
3. SITE LOADING SPEED PART 1: Studies show that you have 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention in our ADHD society. If you spent those 8 seconds loading your page, then you’ve already lost them. New HTML structures increase the speed of websites dramatically.
4. SITE LOADING SPEED PART 2: If you’re like most companies, you chose the uber super cheap GoDaddy or HostGator hosting. After all, it’s only $7 a month! What you may not know is that they have 1000’s of websites on each server and you can measure their loading speed with a sundial. Our servers run fast. We can also put in caching code that will SAVE your website and serve it up even faster. SPEED THRILLS!
5. CALL TO ACTION: Speaking of 8 seconds, do you let people know what you want them to do on your main page? The majority of websites are brochure sites and don’t actually ask the customer to do anything. This is a tragic mistake. If you want them to call you, then put a big red button that says CALL ME! If you want them to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT, put in a simple contact form on the main page that says SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!
6. YOU DON’T PLAY NICE WITH OTHERS: Social sharing is not a fad. It is the way marketing is done these days. 95% of sites don’t have the ability to LIKE, +1, or Follow. This is a big mistake. Friend zone marketing is the key to maximizing word of mouth.
7. YOUR SITE IS UGLY! Design techniques have come leaps and bounds in just the last year. Gone are the days when a site is just functional. It needs to be amazing in every aspect, including looks. YES. Customers are shallow. They DO JUDGE YOU based on your looks!
8. YOUR COMPETITION IS GETTING YOUR CUSTOMERS! Your website is the only employee that you have that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never calls in sick. People want to do business with you. They are seeking YOU, but when they find your competitors website and it’s fast, and pretty, and has a Call to Action, they call them and not you!