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Hall of Fame Marketing is Redding, CA's Oldest Online Marketing Company

Founded in 2009, Hall of Fame Marketing prides itself on it’s stellar record of giving customers what they need online. Online Marketing is a tough business. It seems that these days anybody can call themselves an online marketer. But the simple facts are that there is a very distinct formula for online success and we have it. We’re not recycling the same buzzwords that other marketers use. Our techniques are born from years of research, development, trial and error, and finding out what Google wants. We work with a team of computer scientists, system administrators, graphic designers, and computer engineers to provide the highest quality product.


In the day and age where you can hardly trust anyone with the word “marketer” in their name, we operate fully on trust and faith. Our services are paid for on a month to month basis, and we never have contracts. If we don’t do what we say we’ll do, then you can cancel anytime. Don’t go to one of those marketing companies that makes you pay an arm and a leg and locks you into a contract for 12 months. The reason they use contracts is because they KNOW they can’t do what they’re saying. We don’t use contracts because we know we have the midas touch and we’re willing to bet on it. Our customers stay with us because they want to; not because they have to.

Our Team

Ellie Hall, Owner

Ellie Hall has been working with Hall of Fame Marketing for over 10 years. Her experience in the medical and dental field helps her with developing precision plans for your marketing. She has an extensive knowledge in how the internet works and what Google wants to see. She has an incredible gift for getting businesses to the top of Local Search and other search engines by listening to the engineers who built the system.

Chris Hall, Owner

Chris Hall is the team nerd for the Hall of Fame Marketing team. He started programming computers when he was 11 years old on an old Commodore 64. Many of the techniques that we use today are built on programming and engineering knowledge instead of the latest “trend.” Chris has even built custom software for businesses that need just a little more than the normal strategies and processes.


Local Online Marketing

Business is done online. There’s no way around it! You need an online presence. You need an online presence just like you need utilities. You cannot operate in this day and age without a comprehensive online presence. A website isn’t enough. Being listed on Yelp isn’t enough. You need a comprehensive plan that will allow your customers to find you wherever their eyeballs are. This include Google, Yelp, Facebook, and lots of other valuable properties. We offer a comprehensive marketing package at amazing prices. Our services are 2nd to none and we provide exceptional value. Most of our customers pay more for their utility bill than they do for a comprehensive marketing plan that covers all your online needs. If you’re the kind of company that does your own taxes and changes your own oil, then you’re probably not our kind of client. We want to be your marketing company and take care of all of your online needs. This allows you to be more efficient with your time, running and building your business. We’ll be experts at our job, which will allow you to excel at your job.

Review Generation

Reviews are the most important part of online marketing these days and we’re at the forefront of review generation. We have built custom software that will get real reviews from your real customers and in real time. As soon as you’re done with a job, we send a review request with an easy-to-use system that even your most technically-challenged customers can use. If you don’t have time to ask your customers for reviews, we even have the ability to automate it for you so that it’s done for you. It’s all included with our comprehensive marketing package.

Facebook Marketing

Remember the days when you spent thousands of dollars with the Yellow Pages for a half-page ad? For pennies on the dollar, you can advertise to your future customers on Facebook and other ad platforms. We help you find the people you’re looking for and spend your money wisely to acquire customers for as little as possible. This form of marketing is part art and part science.It’s a good thing we have both on our team.

Ever look at a pair of shoes online and then see them everywhere? We can use this same type of marketing for your business. Ever wonder how to show ads to a select group of people? We know how to do this too. And once again, this is all included in our comprehensive marketing package.

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