MARKETING VS SEO | Redding CA Web Design - Hall of Fame Marketing


I get a lot of questions about SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization.  While website building and SEO go hand in hand, they are two very different sides of the coin.  Sure, a well built website can intentionally affect the ranking of that website for certain keywords.  But, it doesn’t always work like that.  SEO, and it’s cousin, SEM (Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click) have long been a unicorn for most businesses.  They’ve heard of it, but they don’t know if it really exists.  Let me tell you, it does exist.  It costs a little on the front end, but it pays off well on the back end.

Remember when companies used to pay $5000 a month for a yellow pages ad?  I do!  Now, for pennies on the dollar, you can advertise on Google.  What’s better is that Google has ways of making sure that you only pay for people who are looking for you, your competitors or your industry.  Don’t want to market to China?  Great, We’ll just block them from seeing your ad.  Can’t do business in Kentucky anymore because you are a direct descendant to the Hatfields?  No problem.  You can just remove them from viewing your ad.  While this is tongue in cheek example, you can certainly customize each ad to make sure that the people you want to see it are the only ones who do.