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Website Pricing


Can’t afford a website?  Think again!


Do you know that the most inexpensive phone book ad averages $150 per month.  That’s $1800 a year for two lines in a book.  When’s the last time you opened a phone book?  Did you know that 68% of customers now do all of their business searches online.  In fact, AT&T has now changed their White Pages to “By Request Only.” .  You better believe that the number of searches on the internet is growing every day.  With the increase of cell phone capability, people are often doing the searching from their mobile.  A Website is not something you have to pay for, it’s a gateway to business from all over the city, state, or even world.  For about $2000 and up, you can have an amazing, dynamic storefront for your business.

What about those free website companies?

Now, you can use those “free” website builders, but you get what you pay for……..Nothing.  If you use one of those services, good luck getting your website to show up on Google or any other search engines.  Those sites don’t have any customization to them.  Just add your logo to their template and push “Submit.”  No offense, but if that’s all you can afford, then you probably shouldn’t be in business anyway.

Hall of Fame Web Design has many different packages to suit your needs.  We offer custom websites for about half the price of our competition?  That’s what you get with Hall of Fame Web Design in Redding CA.  So, instead of appealing to 1 out of 3 customers with a simple black and white yellow page ad, appeal to 2 out of 3 customers with a full color, totally dynamic, search engine optimized representation of your business.

Want to make changes?  Well, with a dynamic website, it’s easy.  Our system has the ability for the customer to make changes OR we can make the changes for you.  With the YellowPages, you can just sit back and wait until next year.  Sure hope you don’t move!

Also, consider the fact that we do trade outs.  We are currently looking for landscape contractors, pool cleaners, and housekeepers.  If you have a valuable service to us, we would gladly consider a trade.

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